Every organization has a different Hierarchical Structure to follow across its departments when it comes to the approval of a new job requisition. This Job Approval Workflow would assist you in managing this Hierarchy in the system. If you follow a multi-level approval process, you can make use of this feature to simplify your Job approvals.


Enable the Job Approval Workflow

An admin user can enable the job approval workflow from the Admin module. For that, go to the admin module from the left-hand side menu option, and click on Global Settings and System Configuration.



Click on Job Approval Workflow from the left-hand side list and enable the toggle so that it's green, and simply click on Update. Ensure that you re-login to implement the change.



Create the Approval Workflow

You can create the approval workflow in the Job Details while creating a New Job. 

To create the job, click on the plus (+) sign on the top right-hand side and Add Job.



Fill out the Job details as per your business needs and scroll down to Job Approval Workflow. Click on Add Approver to add the First Level Approver in Job Approval Workflow.



Mention the Name and Email of the First Level Approver. To add multiple approvers, you can add them by clicking on the Add Approver button.



Click on the Save button once you have added all the approvers and filled out the remaining job details. 



Note: Once the Job Approval Workflow has been set, you cannot change any values in the workflow.


Approve Requested Job

The approver mentioned in the details will receive emails to submit their approval for the Job, as per their hierarchy. They can view the job details and click on the Approve button.


Once they click on the Approve button, a confirmation box will appear. Approvers can click on the Yes button to approve the job.



In case the Approver is a user in the system they can approve the Jobs from within their iSmartRecruit account, in the jobs screen.



The Job will be under the status of Pending Approval, till it receives confirmation from the mentioned Approvers.



Once the job is Approved, the job status will change to Active.



Track Job Approval in iSmartRecruit

The user who created the Job would also receive continuous email notifications as the job moves through each Approval Stage. The Jobs which are under Pending Approval would only be visible to the Admin user and the user who created the Job.

You can send a follow-up message to the approver in case the approver has not approved the job. Simply click on the Send Followup button, and the system will send the follow-up message to the approver. If there are multiple approvers, the system will identify the current approver and send a follow-up to the only current approver.



Job Dialog 

If the job is not approved, the pending Approver's name will be displayed if you hover over the Pending Approval status. Also, only limited tabs and features will be shown in the job dialog if the job approval is still pending.



Job Dialog - Activity Stream

Once the approver has approved the job, it would be shown in the Activity tab in the job dialog, under the System Log.