Each module in the system supports multiple views to provide ease in navigating and to match the work style of each individual recruiter. In the Jobs module, the system supports the Grid view and List view. 

Navigation Link: https://app.ismartrecruit.com/openJob 


Grid View

This is the default view of the screen. You can change the screen to Grid by clicking on the Grid View Button present over the Top Right side of the data.

It will give you summarized details of the data which is required by the user like Job Name, Client’s Name, Candidate Pipeline button, Head Counts, Completion Percentage, etc. You can also search with a direct Job name in this view. 


List View

This view is helpful when you want detailed information on any particular Job. It will list out all the details according to your requirements.

It displays the data in Rows & Columns format.



You can also apply filters to the displayed Columns.



Also, use the gird icon to add columns to this list. To add/edit the column in the List View, you need to click on the Add Column button. 



Select the Columns from the list. After selecting the columns click on Show Columns and your List View will be updated with the columns.