Reopen Closed Jobs

Jobs created in the system can be closed due to many reasons like, Job completion, requirement fulfilled, couldn’t find appropriate Candidates, etc. You can also reopen those closed Jobs anytime.

In the Active Jobs screen, you can see the Jobs which are active. If you want any details of the Jobs which were active before but now it is closed due to any reason, you can follow the steps given below.

Step 1:

Click on Jobs from the dashboard and go to the Active Jobs screen. Now click on the “Show All ” button 

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Step 2
Click on the “Filter” button and filter the Jobs status wise as Closed.


Step 3
You will get the list of closed Jobs.



Step 4
Click on the Options menu of Job which you want to reopen and select Edit Job status.




Step 5
From the Popup menu, select the status as Active.




Step 6
Click on the update button to update the status of the job.




Step 7
Now you can see the same job reopened by click on the "Show Active" button with the status of Active in Jobs screen.