XING is your personal career companion which is primarily focused on the German-speaking market. It is used to add new professional contacts and discovers exciting jobs, events, news, and groups. 

As we are extracting information of the Candidate and Contact for Lead and Client from LinkedIn to the system, similarly we can extract the Candidate’s Name, Photo, Location, Experience, Current Employer, Current Designation, and Skills into the system From Xing Profile using Chrome Extension.

For import profiles from XING, you need to first have an account with XING and then you need to have installed the Chrome Extension on your Chrome browser.

Here is the chrome extension of iSmartRecruit called “iSmart Profile Scanner” which is used to fetch the Xing Profile of Candidate, Clients, and Leads from their profiles displayed on Xing. 

You can also refer below given a link to download the chrome extension from Chrome Web Store:

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For a detailed step-by-step guide on how to download an added Chrome extension to your browser, please refer to the article - 


Import Profile From the xing

Step 1: Login into your Xing account and open a person's profile in XING.



Step:2 Click on the chrome extension (iSmart icon), which was installed on your Chrome browser.



Step 3: While using the extension for the first time, you will need to login in using your iSmartRecruit username & password. 



Step 4: Once you have successfully logged in using the Username and Password, you will get the following dialogue box. Where you can get the Candidate selected by default and other options like Clients & Leads as well. For importing the Candidates into the system, you need to click on the Import Profile. 


Step 5: Click on save and you will get a successful message on importing the Profile into the system


Step 6: You can see that profile in the system on the Candidates Screen and you also see the source as 'Xing Add-in'. 

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