iSmartRecruit supports three major modes to conduct Interviews with your Candidates. 

  • Standard Interview
  • Self-Service Interview
  • Video Interview

Standard Interview 

Use this mode of interviewing with your candidates to connect with them either via a Virtual meeting or via Physical face-to-face interaction. 

Simply choose details like the type of interview, Date & time for the interview, Duration of the interview, etc. and update the candidate and Panel members on the scheduled interview. 



Self Scheduling Interview

To Schedule interviews for senior-level positions, provide the flexibility to choose a convenient date and time slot, for your candidates to appear for the Interview. Provide multiple date & time slots as options to choose from to appear for the Interview. 



Video Interview

iSmartRecruit is integrated with a way Video interviewing tool to provide ease of conducting interviews without the hassle of multiple coordination to reach a suitable time to interview with the candidate. Users can Sign up and integrate with Screening Hive to conduct One-way Video Interviews with Candidates. 

For more information on the Screening Hive platform, please refer ot the below article.



*Note: To know in depth about how to conduct and manage Cadiate-related interviews in the system, please refer to the article on Candidate Interviews.