Clients provide you with their Job requirements so that you can provide them with qualified Candidates. You can create the Job and advertise Jobs on various platforms and portals to get the best Candidates who are looking for new job opportunities.

Create a new Job in the system by following the below steps. 


Step 1: Go to the ‘Plus’ icon, which is on the Topbar to access Quick actions icons. Choose and click on the ‘Add Job’ icon. 



Step 2: You need to fill up the necessary details according to the Job requirement provided to you by your Client into the Job form. 



You can also Drag & Drop a Job Description document to parse important details of the Job. 



You can also seek help from the system and choose from existing 300+ Job templates. 



You can add multiple required details while creating a job. Like, 

Assign Team : to choose users from the team who would be working on the job



Job Application form questions : to add pre-screening questions for the applicants who submit their application for the job from promoting links on the website, job boards, social network accounts, etc. 



Video or Image Link : to add a video or Image to your Job description to make it more attractive or interactive for your applicants. 



*Note: The job form is customizable, where you can add/remove fields and reorder the fields as per your requirements. Refer to the detailed article on customization of Job Layout for reference. 


Step 3: Click on the “Save” button at the bottom of the page and your Job will be added to the system.



*Note: While adding the Job, ensure to add details in the Location-related fields, and the Job Description field to ensure that it successfully gets advertised on integrated Job Boards.


View Job

Once you have created the Job you will be able to see all the Jobs in the ‘Active Job’ screen. 

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