You can evaluate the candidates and make your screening part more precise to get the best and most efficient candidates which can increase Client satisfaction too.

You can ask various questions with the help of a questionnaire and can judge the Candidates accordingly.

You can set configure screening questions for internal use and external usage as well. 

Internal Questions: To ask candidates when conversing with them verbally and adding their responses as a summary in the system on our own, 

External Questions: To add these questions as a part of their application form, so that candidates revert to them while applying for a job. 


Manage Questionnaires 

Step 1: Access the Questionnaire module from the three dots option on the bottom left corner of the screen.



Step 2: Click on Add Questionnaire button to create a new questionanire.



Step 3: Add the name of the Questionnaire and Add questions one by one to include in the Questionnaire. 



Step 4: To Add a Question, choose the below details and click on Save and add the question to the Questionnaire. 

  • Choose the type of question: Free text, multi-select, email, etc. 
  • Add Question Name
  • Mark it as Mandatory: if you want that any applicant should not miss this question out 
  • Mark it as Knockout: if you want that any applicant who answers this question incorrectly, should automatically be rejected, and should receive an email that they have not been shortlisted. 
  • Weightage: assign weightage to the question for your internal evaluation
  • Mark the question as Internal or External: turn the button green to make it an Internal question or keep it, Grey for the External questions.



Add Questionnaire to Job

You can add a Screening questionnaire to a particular Job from the Job screen. 

Navigation Link: 


Step 1: Access the Active Jobs Scree from the left-hand side menu. 


Step 2: Click on the job in which you want to add screening questions, and choose the Screening tab. 



Step 3: Click on the “Configure Questions” button and Choose the questionnaire from the list. 



Step 4: Click on Add and all questions of the chosen questionnaire will get added to the job. 



*Note: You can also add more questions at this stage, by clicking on the Add Question button. 



Screening Questions on Job Application Page

Candidates will view all the External questions you added ot the job, when they submit their application for the job, from your company's advertisements.



Edit Questions & Questionnaire

You can edit the added questions of a Job, with the help of the Pencil icon for each question.



You can edit the existing Questionnaire by clicking on the title of the Questionnaire in the Questionnaire section. 



Delete Questions & Questionnaire

You can delete the added questions of a Job, with the help of the X icon for each question.



You can delete the existing Questionnaire by clicking on the X icon of the Questionnaire in the Questionnaire section. 



View Candiates Responses

You view the responses of the candidates for the questions you added to the job, in the screening tab of a particular Job.