Job approval workflow can be managed within the system to seek approval from top management before activating a job in the system. You can also seek approval from the Hiring manager and they can provide approval for the job through their self-service portal. 

Refer to the detailed article on Job Approval workflow and the Hiring Manager self-service portal to more about them. 

Job Approval workflow - 

Hiring Manager self-service portal -  


Step 1: Hiring Managers can access their account in the Self-service portal and visit the My jobs tab. 



Step 2: They can view all Jobs added under their department along with their current status. 



Step 3: For all pending approval jobs, Hiring Managers can view for each job the list of Approvers added, by clicking on the View Approver button. 



Step 4: They will see the list of all approvers in the order of their hierarchy. 



Step 5: If they are assigned a job for approval, they can provide the approval by clicking on the Approve button. 



Step 6: A confirmation pop will appear to request approval. 



*Note: The job will only get converted to an Active Job if all requested approvers approve the job.