A Client/ Hiring Manager's self-service portal is an external platform through which they can track the status of their Active Jobs. Your clients/ hiring managers can track the status of their active jobs and upcoming interviews.

You can know more about what features are included in the self-service portal and create one for your account from the Client/ Hiring Manager Self-Service portal tab on your Dashboard. 

Navigation Link: https://app.ismartrecruit.com/dashboard 



Once you create the portal, you can allow access to your clients' contacts/ hiring managers to access the portal. 


To know more on how to generate credentials to access the portal, please refer to the article - https://help.ismartrecruit.com/self-service-portal/allow-access-to-client-and-login 


Login to the Portal 

Your Client contacts or Hiring Managers can use the credentials you created for them in the system to access the portal.




After login, they can view the dashboard of the portal, where they can find a summary of the total count of open positions, upcoming interviews and active candidates. They can also view detailed information on Active Jobs and Upcoming Interviews. 



My Jobs

Under My Jobs, they can review all Active Jobs in detail. They can use the action icons for the individual job to view and edit the job details. 


They can also click on the Job Title and view the candidates in the pipeline. 



To track all Active candidates for the job, please refer to the article - https://help.ismartrecruit.com/self-service-portal/track-active-candidates


All Jobs 

To view all Jobs (Active + Inactive), you can select the option to all Jobs in the top right corner. 



Create Job

To create a new open job, they can click on create job and add details to open up a new vacancy. 


They will be redirected to a Jobs form, where they can add details regarding the Job requirement to create the Job from their portal. 

The Job created by them from the portal will get created in the main iSmartRecruit system, as a new job.




Your Client Contacts / Hiring Managers can manage their profile-related information under the Profile section. They can add their contact details, communications addresses, and contract details (if any), in this section. 



*Note: You can customize the client self-service portal according to your needs. You can also change the look n feel according to your website at a minimal additional cost. 

**Self-Service Portal is an additional feature in our system which is not come by default with your subscription. If you face any difficulties in setting up a self-service portal for your account, please contact our support team by sending an email to [email protected].