Every user gets an option to customize their profile as per their needs to get a personalized touch in the system. 

You can click on the Profile image from the right-hand side corner of the dashboard, to go to the ‘Personal Setting’.

Navigation Link:https://app.ismartrecruit.com/profileSettings



Profile Setting

You can manage your profile details like Your Display Name, Email address, Profile picture and contact number, in your profile. You can also update your country's time zone.

In addition to that, you can select the format of the date and time in the system. You can also change the password of your account after you receive the default password from the support team.

The system supports various languages, you can choose your language from the dropdown list under Default Language. We support the below Languages. 

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. Japanese
  4. German
  5. French
  6. Bulgarian
  7. Czech
  8. Croatian
  9. Latvian
  10. Macedonian
  11. Russian
  12. Slovak
  13. Albanian
  14. Slovenian




You can integrate your routine platforms with the system to manage activities on a single platform.

Email Connect

You can connect your  Gmail, Outlook, and other Mailbox with the system to send emails, and mass emails from the system to Candidates, Clients, Leads & Vendors. 

To view the email communication done with Candidates, Clients, Leads & Vendors, you can go to view their dialogue box and see all the emails sent and received. 

There is an option of two-way email synchronization, which helps you to view the emails send and receive for each individual in the system. 

Refer to our Email Connect Article for more information on each type of email integration.  




Calendar Connect 

To sync your daily Events, Tasks or Meetings, you can connect your Google or Outlook Calendar with the system. 


To know more about various features of the Calendar, please refer to the article - https://help.ismartrecruit.com/other/calendar  


Online Meeting Connect 

In case you are conducting virtual Meetings over the platform Google Meet or Microsoft Teams for Candidate interviews, you can integrate your respective account with the system as well, for smoother scheduling of Interviews with your candidates.



Social Network Connect

If you regularly use your Social network accounts to advertise and market your Active Jobs, you can connect your Social Network Accounts to the system. Like Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter. 

It will allow you to promote various Job posts and attract Candidates from different social media platforms. It will be beneficial to you in both ways.

1. Attracting Candidates  2. Job Promotion




ScreeningHive Connect 

ScreeningHive is a one-way Video Interview platform. You can subscribe to ScreeningHive and can create Interview Templates. After integrating ScreeningHIve with iSmartRecruit, you can schedule interviews from within the system and share the Interview template with Candidates. 

Candidates can respond to the question via video responses and you can evaluate their responses to screen candidates for a job. 



VOIP Calls & SMS through the system

Users can conduct VOIP calls or send SMS directly to Candidates, Clients or Leads from the system, through an integrated platform. Either of the below two platforms can be integrated with the system. 

  1. Twilio
  2. Dialpad 

Twilio Connect 

Integrate your Twilio account by adding the account details as requested.



Refer to the Twilio Configuration article on a detailed step-by-step process to integrate the Twilio account. 



*Note: These integrations are user-specific and will have to be implemented for each user individually. 

Ensure that your subscription with the Twilio platform supports third-party integration with an ATS. 


Dialpad Connect 

Integrated Dialpad account with iSmartRecruit by adding required account details in the system. 




Sometimes when we have repeated details to be added to the system you can manage templates for the same to avoid adding repetitive information multiple times. You can manage your Email Template, SMS Template, Social Media template, Offer Letter template, and Job Template, in the system. This will save you a lot of time and energy spent rewriting the same content again and again.

For more information on customising these templates, please refer to our detailed Article of Templates. 




You can manage your preferences for receiving notifications on various activities performed in the system, under this section. These notifications can either be via email or a growl / Pop-up message on your iSmart's screen. 

Tun the buttons ON/OFF (Green/Grey) as per your requirements. 



Quick Access to Calendar, Email & Notifications

You can access your Email account, your calendar and all Notifications under their Quick Acess icons on the top bar.