You can add Vendor details to the system. You can also provide these contacts partial access to the system to manage their jobs and candidates. 

By default, a Vendor user will only be able to access features related to the Candidates added by themselves to the system and the Jobs that are assigned to them. 



They will see the dashboard with limited options for widgets. 



Jobs Module 

View the list of all Jobs assigned by the admin user as a list under the Jobs Module.



Open any particular Job and have a look at the detailed information for the Job.



In the Candidate pipeline of the Job, they can only view candidates added and assigned by themselves. 



Create & manage candidates

Vendor users can add suitable Candidates to create their own Candidate Database.

They can import a resume or can add a candidate manually by filling in candidate details in the form. 



They can also add chrome and email extensions to import candidate profiles directly from social networking platforms like LinkedIn. 



Visit the article for detailed information on Extensions.

Chrome Extension: 

Gmail Extension: 

Outlook Extension: 


Admin users can manage Access & Permission for Vendor users in their system in cases where they wish to provide or restrict more access rights to vendors.