Track All incoming Applications

To track all the applications coming into the system, Pipeline is the best place for that. You can go to the “Pipeline” option on the left-hand side menu.

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Here in the pipeline, you can see all the candidates with other information like the CV, Email address, and for which Job he/she has applied for.

Besides the name, you can also see the status of the candidate. As these CVs are coming into the system from outside, it will have the status as “Applied”. You can see all the new applicants in the “Applied” tab on the top-hand side stages.

You also get the matching %, whenever you view the Candidates in the ‘Applied’ stage




You can also have the notifications of all new coming applications in the notification bar on the right-hand side top. 





Note: You can also get email notification when any Candidates apply from the Website. You can enable that setting from the Personal Setting -> Preferences Tab.

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