Create and maintain the Candidate Database in iSmartRecruit. Recruiters can add Candidates' resumes daily. Users can get the option to import the Candidate resumes directly into the system which are present in their local drives or systems. 


Step 1: Click on the plus sign in the header and select the “Import Resume” option.




Step 2: Just drag and drop the resume that you would like to import and click on the Start Import button. 

Resume formats supported by the system are - PDF, Doc, Docx, JPF, JPEG, PNG & TXT.



Note: You can upload a maximum of 10 resume files in one go to import them into the system. 


Step 3: Once the resumes are imported into the system, the users can view those resumes on the ‘Candidate’ screen. The latest resumes will appear at the top of the list, which is imported by users.

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Duplicate Check

In case we upload the same Resume multiple times, the system will check for a duplicate profile based on three parameters - Email Address, Mobile Number & LinkedIn URL. 

The system also provides options for actions in case of a duplicate check, which are as below. 

  1. Ignore - The system will ignore the resume which you are about to import as it is already present in the system.

  2. Overwrite - The system will overwrite the missing details in the old resume which are present in the new resume.

  3. Clone - The system will create duplicate copies of Candidates.

You can manage your choice of action under the More Settings button. 



More Settings 

Along with actions for the Duplicate check, users can also perform other Actions under the More Settings option. 

They can choose to assign the candidate to a Job directly and can also add candidates to a Talent Pool. 



Other Options 

From the Import Resume tab, users can also explore different ways to add candidates to their database. 

  1. Gmail Extension - to import resumes from your Gmail inbox
  2. Outlook Extension - to import resumes from your Outlook Inbox
  3. LinkedIn Extension - Chrome extension to import profiles from platforms like LinkedIn and other networking platforms. 
  4. Excel Import - to import bulk candidate's information from an Excel Sheet. 



*Note: For more information on other ways to add candidates to the system, please refer to their relevant articles below. 

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  3. LinkedIn / Chrome Extension: 
  4. Excel Import: