You can promote Jobs in various ways to source suitable Candidates from multiple places in the recruitment market. 


There are various ways in the system to promote jobs:

  1. Promote Jobs on Integrated Job Boards.

  2. Promote Jobs through Promote Link

  3. Promote Jobs on Social Media.

  4. Promote Jobs on the Website.



Promote Jobs on Job Boards

Most Candidates search for Jobs on different Job portals and recruiters can fetch those Candidates into the system by advertising the Jobs on Job boards. 

Candidates will be redirected to the Job Description page when they apply for the Job by looking at the Job advertisement. 

iSmartRecruit is integrated with various Job Boards, to cater to different countries. 


Activate Job Boards

To activate Job boards that suit your geography the best, you can go to the Integration option available in the Admin section.





Click on the Job Board menu and you can see the list of Job boards. Just turn ON the buttons for the Job boards where you would like to promote your Jobs. The button will turn Green once it is turned ON. This setting is common across all the Jobs, so all your Active Jobs will automatically be promoted on the selected Job boards.




To know more about different types of Job Boards and their integration with the system, please refer to the Job board integration article.

*Note: The Job will be posted within 24 hours on the Job Boards after the Job is created and you would be able to see the Candidates who are applying for the Job under the ‘Applied Stage’. An individual Job can be marked as Confidential if you do not wish to promote it on any of these Job Boards. In case you do not wish to advertise all your jobs, please ensure that all these Job Boards are turned OFF.


LinkedIn as a Job Board

By having a Subscribed account with LinkedIn, one can advertise Jobs on LinkedIn as well. Simply integrate your company Id with LinkedIn in iSmartRecruit and all your active jobs from iSmart will get advertised under the Jobs section on your company's LinkedIn page. 





Promote Jobs by Promote Link

If you wish to advertise a particular job on a platform which is not integrated with the system, you can also share Job details using a unique Job link. You can also share the Job link with individual candidates from your database as well. 


Candidates simply receive the Job Description in the link, and they can directly submit their application via the same link. 


Job Link

Inside the individual Job view dialogue box, there is a button to Copy the Job link. 

Navigation Link:





Users can paste this link on local Job Boards (which are not integrated with the system), Social Media and any other channels to attract Candidates, who are looking for new Job opportunities into the market.


Job Information

When any Candidate clicks the link, they will be redirected to the Apply Now form of iSmartRecruit. Candidates can view the Job Description to understand the detailed Job Requirements and on submitting their application, recruiters can review the Candidate’s details in the system.




Promote Jobs on Social Media

Recruiters can also promote Jobs on their Social network accounts like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This feature is named Running a Social Campaign in the system. 

Navigation Link:

On opening a particular Job view dialogue, under three dots on the top bar, there is a feature called 'Run Social Campaign'.



You can integrate a new Social Network account at this stage or choose any existing accounts to promote the Job. 

For more information on Promoting Jobs on Social Network accounts, please refer to the detailed article mentioned below. 


Promote Jobs on the Website 

To promote your Jobs on the Career Page of your website, iSmartRecruit can also be integrated with your company's website. 

For more information on how to market Jobs on the website, please refer to the article on Website Integration.